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5 Tips for Older Students Returning to School

Older students typically have more life experiences — and work experience to help them in classes.

And that’s a huge benefit that younger students don’t have.

Older students are often more committed to studying and succeeding in school because they want to set a good example for their children.

Here are 7 tips for older students returning to school . . .

1. Add 30-minutes to your day.
Plan on getting up 30 minutes earlier every day — or go to be a little later. Take that time to review your class assigments, or to work on some homework.

2. Make friends with younger students.
Don’t feel intimidated about making friends with younger students. They are a key to helping you stay sane during testing periods. Try to join a study group with them on the weekend. They can also give you tips on what classes or teachers you might enjoy.

3. Choose one day out of the week to focus on homework.
If you have a lot of homework, you should plan on having one full day to study. Tell your family that you need their support — and that you’ll need to take a half day on Saturday and Sunday to study. This will help you get organized for the week.

4. Set study goals for yourself.

Whenever you sit down to study, make a list of goals you want to accomplish. For example: (1) read chapter 3; (2) write essay outline; (3) make flash cards for medical terminology. Setting goals will help you focus on each task, and it’s a key to being a successful student.

5. Get support from your family.
Another key to being a successful student is to get support from your family and friends. You see, your family and friends can encourage you, and can help you stay focused. If you get their support, they’ll understand when you have to cancel plans.

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