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12 Scholarship Programs You Should Know About

As you know, there are thousands of scholarship programs available to full-time students.Find out if you qualify for any of these:

1. provides students with a collection of over 2.5 million scholarship programs. Their database allows students to find scholarships based on their degree program, interests, et al.

2. FastWeb

FastWeb is a popular website for students to find scholarship programs.  This website requires you to create a profile — and then relevant scholarship programs will be emailed to you.

3. Student Scholarship Search

The Student Scholarship Search offers students access to information on a variety of grants, scholarships, and even tax break help.  Learn about the different ways you can finance your education.

4. Military Scholarship Finder

Students who have served in the military have various options to help them pay for their schooling.  Find out what types of loans and scholarship programs you may qualify since you served in the military by visiting this website.

5. FastAid

FastAid allow students to search their online database of scholarship programs based on interests, degree programs, leadership abilities, and athletics.  Check out their site to see what scholarship programs you may qualify for.

6. College Answer Scholarship Search

College Answer works with Sallie Mae to showcase scholarship programs that benefit students of all backgrounds.  The scholarships listed here are based on academics, athletics, age, and/or interests.

7. U.S. News & World Report Scholarship Search

As you know,U.S. News and World Report offers rankings of top colleges across the United States.  Their website also provides a list of great scholarship programs.

8. Nationally Coveted Scholarships

This sites hosts a wide-range of niche scholarship programs – like those programs for students of certain ages or ethnicity.

9. Rotary Club Scholarships

Many cities across the United States have Rotary Clubs, and these clubs offer scholarships to students

10. Hispanic Scholarship Fund

There are many businesses that provide scholarships to students of Hispanic decent.  Check out the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to find out what scholarships are available. 

11. United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund provides scholarships and other financial help to African American students.  These scholarships are awarded to students based on either financial need and/or academic accomplishments.

12. BrokeScholar

Check out Broke Scholar to find a list of possible scholarship programs you may qualify for.

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