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7 Reference Websites for Online Students

Here are 7 reference sites for online students:

Merriam-Webster Online
The Merriam-Webster dictionary is one of the top online dictionaries and thesauruses.  You can also click on an audio button to hear the word spoken.

Barleby provides you with a host of student resources – like dictionaries, encyclopedias, quotations, and other public domain reference books.

Google Books
Google Books is a search engine for books.  Simply type in a book title, author, or word to search Google’s online index of books.  Not every page is viewable, but you can at least find out if the word or phrase is mentioned in a particular book.

Since can be edited by anyone, it is not a website you should cite in your papers. However, it can provide links to external websites and literature that you might find helpful for your topic.

This human-powered search engine can help you find answers to any questions you might have about your topic.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress provides visitors with a vast resource of literature and information on every topic imaginable.  Public domain works may be reproduced with no copyright violations.

Project Gutenberg
This online resource is archiving a collection of books and literature that is no longer under copyright protection.  This is a great spot to read full works online without needing to go to a public library.

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