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Do You Make These Resume Mistakes?

In our last article, we examined ways to write a resume that an employer will actually read. Well, here are some tips on what to avoid:

1. Emailing a word document to an employer.
Strange formatting issues can occur when emailing a Microsoft Word document. Besides, there might be some viruses floating around that will prevent your document from even opening on another person’s computer. So always send a pdf version of your resume to prevent any problems.

2. Listing your references.
Even though you may have several great references, don’t add them to your resume. Keep them all on a separate piece of paper and only submit it when asked.

3. Missing important keywords.
Many resumes submitted to companies get added into huge resume databases. The only way to ensure your resume will get pulled during a search is to make sure your resume is loaded with the right keywords. So make sure you use a variety of keyword phrases relevant to your career and/or job skills.

4. Using a resume template.
You’ll never stand out if you use a resume template. In fact, using one makes your resume look like everyone else’s. So break away from the mold and create your own resume style. And make sure everything is easy to read.

5. Listing your important skills at the bottom.
Make sure you highlight your strengths at the top of the resume. Use bullet-points to highlight all your skills at a glance so an employer can easily see it.

6. Showing your job duties.
Instead of writing about your job duties, write about your accomplishments. Don’t say that you filed paper, say that you created an organization system to keep the office efficient and functional. By focusing on your accomplishments, you’ll have a better resume (that’s much more interesting).

7. Lack of focus.
Your resume tells a story about you as a person, and as a career-minded professional. Make sure to highlight certain strengths that match your career goals within each job. Keep your resume focused on the type of job you’re trying to achieve.

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