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How to Study Productively

Everyone gets busy when they’re in school.

And if you’re like most college students these days — you probably also work a job to pay the bills.

So that’s why it’s extremely important to manage your study time efficiently.

Here are some tips to make your study time more productive:

Take Organized Class Notes
The best way to remember what you’ve learned in class — or what you’ve read in your textbook is to take organized class notes. Highlight any areas you need to pay special attention to. And make sure to review your notes at least once a week.

Set Goals for Each Study Time
The first step to studying productively is to write a checklist of everything you want to accomplish. Don’t overwhelm yourself, but put enough tasks on your list that you can accomplish within your given time-frame. Set time limits for each task to help you navigate your way through all your goals.

Study 30-minutes Every Night
Another way to stay productive is to force yourself to get into the habit of studying. You can easily create a new habit by forcing yourself to study 30 minutes every day. You can easily do this by either getting up a little earlier, studying during your lunch break, or studying before bed.

Study when you’re most productive.
Avoid studying when you’re tired or feeling unproductive. Try to study when you’re feeling at your best — which might be in the morning or afternoon. You might no always get to study during these moments, but try to find time whenever possible.

Take regular breaks.
One way to study for a longer period of time is by taking regular breaks. You see, taking breaks allows your body and mind to get refreshed, which can help you study for a much longer period of time – rather than sitting in one spot and feeling drained after an hour.

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