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How Online Students Stay Motivated

One of the secrets to becoming a successful online student is to stay motivated.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated while attending an online college:

1. Relate your schoolwork to your life
Think about how you can relate your schoolwork to your personal interests. The more you can find practical applications for your schoolwork, the more interesting the topic will be to you. If you’re struggling on how the class relates to your life, ask your instructor.

2. Think positive thoughts
The moment you begin feeling negative – just stop yourself. Think about all your positive attributes – and focus your mind on the goals you will achieve. Make it a goal to stay positive every hour, and prevent yourself from thinking anything negative.

3. Make sure to relax
Take time out of each day to relax. You’re never too busy to relax – you just need to schedule it as part of your daily routine. Think about “relaxing” as a part of your “to do” list. Even just spending 10 to 15 minutes in silence by yourself can do wonders for your morale and your motivation.

4. Prioritize your goals each day
It’s easy to lose motivation when you feel like there are just too many things to accomplish. And the moment you feel overwhelmed, is the moment you need some motivation. One great way to make sure you stay motivated is to create a list of all your goals for the day – and order them in the order of importance. Which goals can you accomplish next week? Which ones need to get done today? Writing down all your goals in order of importance can help you focus on all your tasks, and get them all done in a timely fashion.

Remember that what motivates you one day might be different the next day. Create a list of the different things that motivate you, and use the list above to help inspire you.

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