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Top 5 Online Reference Websites

As an online student, you know how important it is to use credible websites whenever conducting research. That’s why we’ve comprised a list of our top 5 favorite reference websites.

Even though Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, it’s still a credible source to begin your research. We don’t recommend citing it in essays, but it’s a place to start studying whatever subject you need to write about.

Answers is a great place to get definitions and explanations on practically anything. The site gathers a lot of data from Wikipedia, and has a great list of references and websites for further research on your topic.

Infoplease aggregates information from dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, biographies, and many other credible sources. It’s a great source for conducting research on specific people, events, and practically any topic you could think of.

Columbia Encyclopedia
The Columbia Encyclopedia can provide you with excellent information on a vast range of topics. The encyclopedia has more 80,000 cross-reference links, and is considered to be the most up-to-date encyclopedia in the world.

Encarta Encyclopedia
The Encarta Encyclopedia offers students reference information on everything imaginable. The site offers literary guides, dictionaries, an atlas, encyclopedia, and much more.

These 5 online reference sites can help you get started on any research project you have going on.

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