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How to Choose an Online Degree

Students often pursue online degree programs that interest them as a career. For example, students interested in a career in business might pursue an online MBA. And students interested working in law enforcement might pursue a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Here are some questions to think about when deciding on a degree program:

  • What type of career do you want?
  • How much time do you want to spend in school?
  • How much time per week can you study?
  • How important is a degree for the profession you’re seeking?

After deciding on the career field, you must decide whether it is more practical to pursue an Associate’s, Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree.

An Associate’s degree typically takes 2 years of schooling, while a Bachelor’s degree can take up to 4 years. A Master’s degree requires an additional 2 years (depending on the pace of the program).

Online degree opportunities are gaining credibility and popularity among returning students and non-traditional learners, as well as students who either choose to not attend or are unable to attend a traditional campus institution.

While classroom degrees offer a dedicated space for learning, they are often restricted to specific metropolitan areas or limited in academic scope. Online learning offers flexibility and convenience, but places increased responsibility on students by requiring diligent independent motivation to accomplish their homework on time.

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