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How to Manage Your Time Better – 5 Time-Saving Tips

Time management is extremely important when going to college.

And it’s even more important if you have other work and family obligations to attend to.

So here are 5 simple ways to help you manage your time better:

1. Anticipate your workload and plan accordingly.
One secret to time management is making an educated guess on how busy you will be each day of the month. That’s why it’s extremely important to use a calendar to track your daily schedule.

Refer to your class syllabus to plan out each of your weeks ahead of time. And give yourself plenty of flexibility for all those events in life you didn’t plan for. Try to schedule your study time during the periods of your day when you’re most alert.

2. Divide your workload into small, manageable tasks.
One way to help you accomplish your goals for the day is to set-up mini goals for yourself. For example, if you have to write a 5-page paper – break it up into 6 mini tasks; like this: (1) Write bibliography; (2) Write paper outline; (3) Write your introduction; (4) Write 2.5 pages; (5) Write remaining 2.5 pages; and (6) Edit your paper. Each of this mini tasks seems much more manageable.

3. Write Your “To Do” Every Morning

Another great way to manage your time better is to write your “To Do” list out in the morning. Your “To Do” list can guide your day and help you focus on the items you need to accomplish. It also will feel good to cross off every mini-goal that you accomplished.

4. Prevent procrastination by changing your attitude.
Procrastination is the arch-rival of time management. You need to avoid procrastination at all costs because it will only cause you more stress later. You can avoid procrastination by simply forcing yourself to tackle the most difficult tasks of each day first. Just do it – and break it up into small, manageable tasks.

5. Learn to delegate.
When you’re in school, you need to designate as much time as possible to studying. So if you have any household chores or duties to take care of – try and delegate it to someone else. In fact, try and delegate any task that you don’t need to yourself.

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